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Accessing Teachers on the Astral Planes
Posted on November 06, 2018

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MiBeloved 6 years ago

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Alfredo's reply:

Thanks Michael B...when you wrote:


[Swami Hariharananda is great. I took help from him on the astral planes when he showed me some techniques about urdhvareta upwards passage of sexual energy in the subtle body]


Query: How do you access the astral plane? Sri Aurobindo called this plane also the Vital plane or world. Are there any dangers associated with entering it, or there once you are in it? Can the return be imperiled by a mistake?


Thanks in advance.


MiBeloved’s Response:

The return from the astral planes is conducted mostly by the life force (kundalini psychic mechanism) which is living at muladhara chakra usually. This mechanism is survival-sensitive. If anything happens which threatens the astral projector or the sleeping physical body, this life force will usually pull the astral body back into the physical one where it will synchronize with the physical system and the person will wake up on this side of existence as Mr. or Mrs…... In the usual social identity which that particular soul (atma) picked up in this life.


The kundalini is conducting astral projections each time the body sleeps but the atma or core self may not be maintaining conscious awareness of this. It is happening on a daily basis anyway, so there is no need to be afraid of not returning.


Astral projection is mostly the act of becoming aware of astral projection. It is like the man who did not believe that he used to sleep walk. So one day his wife managed to wake him up when he was in his pajamas and was walking down the street at about 2 am. At first he was surprised that he was there but then she explained that he was doing this for some time and that she wanted to help him to become aware while he was engaged in it.


We are making astral contact with whosoever we usually associate with because the astral body goes to complete social contacts during the night when the physical system sleeps but most of this is in the realm of subconscious, unless we are able to develop psychic sensitivity and then we can become aware when the astral projections take place.


Just as you can meet someone, say a yoga teacher and take instruction from him or her physically, so you can meet that same person astrally or in dreams and take instructions which would be just as good as physical communication. The test for this is to carry out the instruction and see if it has any effect. Physical instructions also must be tested to see their effects and those instructions which are received in dreams which are recalled or in astral projections where the memory is active during the astral communication, must also be tested by being applied to see their effects.


The astral body is important and should be studied by the yogi because it is that body which the self must use to go to the next physical life or to go to the astral planes permanently and not take another material body. If there is no astral body, there is no rebirth because the atma or soul cannot take physical bodies without using the utility of an astral form. The astral form will live for about the duration of the universe, so ignoring it, not studying it intimately is a serious neglect. In as much as we study the physical body and do whatever we can to keep it healthy, we should have even a more intense understanding of the astral form because it is that form in which we are transmigrating on and on through various species of life.


When this physical body is done we will be left only with that astral body, at least until we get another embryo and come out again in the material world as an infant of somebody.


MiBeloved 6 years ago

Jivana wrote:

I get what you are saying here Michael, and I read with deep interest and curiosity.


Is this what psychics claim that they see when they talk about seeing dead relatives around a person? Is this what children see before they become programmed by modern schooling etc.


At the age of five, standing in front of my father’s coffin, something happened to me that I cannot explain. Some portal seemed to open, and information poured in, way beyond what a five year old could know or access. But it has transformed my life and taken me on a variety of different searches, and led me to an unusual cadre of teachers. My remaining elders were anything but spiritual or mystical in orientation, and so it was a lonely childhood, with virtually no one who could relate to what was happening within me.


And so, I am one who wonders about all of this...


MiBeloved's Response:



Psychic and children who actually see those things are seeing a certain phase of the subtle body which is manifested in the dimension in which the seer becomes psychically aware.


In relation to the childhood experiences you mentioned, even the materialistic adults who are focused in the material world and who deny psychic existence, have subtle bodies and transmigrate through the astral’s body’s attraction to gross existence.


People have a tendency to deny psychic stuff because to their view, it is unreliable when compared to gross perception. This causes most human beings to stick to the physical side and avoid or deny what is psychic.


When one acquires a new embryo one is subjected to a certain conditioning all depending on who are the parents or guardians of that new baby form. If those people are psychic perceptive, they will support the child’s psychic sensitivity, otherwise they will object to it and take steps to root it out in order to make the infant compatible with the conventions of society.


There are some verses from the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna highly appraises birth in a family of yogis and birth in a family of well-to-do transcendentalists. This is it:




After obtaining the celestial places where the virtuous souls go, having lived there for many, many years, the fallen yogi is born into the social circumstances of the purified and prosperous people. (6.41)


Alternately, he is born into a family of enlightened people. But such a birth is very difficult to attain in this world. (6.42)


In that environment, he is inspired with the cumulative intellectual interest from a previous birth. And from that time, he strives again for yoga perfection, O dear son of the Kurus. (6.43)


Indeed, by previous practice, he is motivated, even without conscious desire. He who persistently inquires of yoga, instinctively sees beyond the Veda, the spoken description of the spiritual reality. (6.44)




If one takes birth in a family of materialistic people who are blind to psychic stuff, then one will have to wait until one leaves that influence to make spiritual progress. So this type of birth is not desired even though on occasion that is what happens.


Jettins 6 years ago

Very interesting read!