inSelf Yoga™ is the practice of ashtanga yoga (Patanjali) with emphasis on the highest aspects of sequential meditation (samyama). This absorption is transcendental focus (dharana) which progresses into spontaneous transcendental transit (dhyana) which develops into continuous transcendental connect (samadhi). Its proficiency results in the disappearance of cognitive ambiguities and access to spiritual insight within the psyche inhabited by the core-self.

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Had a short session again, due to much needed rest. short session. Here is the screen shot. warm up was 15 min. The last 10 min was meditation. The time in between was the infusion. On my first infusion of air kundalini rose. The rest of the time I was wor
Aspiringsiddha27 28.06.2018 0 121

Om Namo Shivaya Jaya Yogi Sri Gurudeva Madhavacarya Das Awoke at 4am. Here is a screen shot of the overall session. Warm up included, lasted 10 minutes. Meditation observation is also included, unfortunately it was short. Also ten minutes. I took too long
Aspiringsiddha27 27.06.2018 0 143

Namaste! 12:30 am Awakened! 1:05 am to 2:30 am Yoga Practice session. 4:15 am to 5:00 am Yoga Practice session.  
Kripamayadas 18.12.2017 0 296

Namaste! 3:00 am Awakened! 3:34 am to 5:04 am Bhastrika session. 4:26 pm to 6:30 pm Kriya Yoga Bhagavad-Gita reading session.  
Kripamayadas 10.04.2017 0 684

Namaste! 3:00 am Awakened!
Kripamayadas 20.03.2017 0 586

Namaste! 12:30 am Awakened! 1:21 am to 2:39 am Brahma-Yoga Bhagavad-Gita  book reading session. Yogi Madhvacharya  ananta ky jai!
Kripamayadas 01.03.2017 0 515

A poem of my inconsistent practice, missing my morning sessions.   Good day everyone,    I've been off my game struggling....   but do not fear Kundalini is here, not once or twice,    SURPRISE!!   In the head space she goes, Up the spine,   only after I s
Aspiring_Siddha 22.02.2017 0 482

Good Day! All Glories to Sri Guru!   I woke up early did my practice. Kundalini mildly rose, meditation attempt was ok. I have not practiced in the morning in a while, I am resuming my practice with new fervor. Diet will be controlled, raw salads and soups
Aspiring_Siddha 11.01.2017 0 530

Namaste! 12:00 am Awakened!  
Kripamayadas 01.01.2017 0 556

Infusion 40 min, meditation 15 minutes.  Kumdalini rose twice, no naad yet.  Om
Aspiring_Siddha 13.10.2016 0 667

Infusion this morning lasted about 1 hour 15 minutes. Meditation attempt was 10 only due to the cold. Went home and tried to astral project. Fail. No naad sound anywhere.  This session was a better one, kundalini rose 4 really good times towards the end. V
Aspiring_Siddha 11.10.2016 1 630

practice lasted for about 45 minutes, meditation attempt was about 15 minutes. I wore a blindfold during practice.  Usually I can get kundalini to mildly rise. This session was different, it did not rise at all. Nor did I hear naad sound, during and after
Aspiring_Siddha 10.10.2016 1 671
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