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The importance of referencing in academic work

When writing a research paper as a student, you often use ideas of other people to provide evidence of your own points of view or to contrast your arguments. It is of great importance to provide a clear distinction between your own thoughts and those you have obtained from another source. For all the information obtained from another source, you should provide a clear reference to the sources of information you consulted. Why is referencing important?

First of all, referencing helps to prevent plagiarism. Whenever you use someone’s ideas in your research work without acknowledging them through referencing; you commit plagiarism which is a serious offense that can attract disciplinary action. Referencing your academic papers well is very crucial to avoiding plagiarism.

Secondly, it serves as an indicator of a thorough research. Referencing your work communicates to your audience that you conducted a thorough research on the topic under research. Using other people’s ideas and acknowledging them makes your own work original with adequate supporting evidence

Thirdly, it gives credit to other writers. Whenever you acknowledge another writer’s work in your own research paper, you are not only according to their intellectual property rights but also acknowledging the authenticity of their work.

Referencing makes your research work persuasive. When you provide citation to your work, you make the readers believe that your arguments are not just heresies or propaganda but facts that have been proved by other writers in that field of study.

Referencing your academic paper allows the reader to assess the credibility of your sources of information. A well-cited work will allow the reader to check the titles of the author from whom you have borrowed the evidence, the date of publication, the name of the publisher as well as the domain of the website. This will validate or invalidate the authenticity of your argument depending on whether or not they meet the required threshold.

Citing your work also gives the readers a chance to refer back to the original source for more details. By reading your research work, your audience curiosity to learn more about your thoughts as supported by other writers could be awakened. In such a case they can use the reference list to get back to the original author of a given topic for more information. As a matter of fact, always make sure that your references are accurate.


You are now well informed about the importance of references. To avoid the frustration and anxiety that comes with making a reference list manually, use our citation maker to automatically and accurately format your citations. Ones you have typed the keywords or author’s title in the cite generator search bar and clicked the cite button, our citation generator will automatically access all the available information across the web. It will then draw all the required information such as author name, date of publication and the correct title into a clearly formatted reference or works cited list depending on your chosen format. 

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